Kampagne Unleashed
Werbende Volkswagen Group
Marke Audi E-tron
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Mittelklassewagen
Story Audi will debut an ad for its new e-tron electric SUV during the upcoming Emmy Awards, and the spot doesn’t quite show the full car. Instead, the spot, titled ‘Unleashed,’ focuses on performance, showing up-close shots of the grill, the headlights, the driver’s cockpit and the tires. In a release, Audi claimed it is “elevating its Emmy Awards advertising with the ‘Unleashed’ commercial featuring sneak peeks of the e-tron.” The 60-second spot by Venables Bell & Partners tells the story of how electric mobility is about to change with a vehicle that’s powerful and capable. The text tells about how the automaker injected the electric car market with Audi DNA and “unleashed it.” It then shows quick cuts of the car driving in various conditions, hugging the road in winter and summer, mud and macadam, though a clear view of the e-tron is elusive. The spot ends with the tagline “Electric has gone Audi,” a continuation of the campaign language introduced on social channels in August. On Emmys night, the “Unleashed” series will be accompanied by three 15-second spots called “Unleashed Uncompromised,” “Unleashed Quattro,” and “Unleashed Range,” which will highlight key performance features of the e-tron.
Medientyp Interaktiv

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