TitelVets4Pets, National Thank you
Kampagne National Thank you
Werbende Pets at Home
Marke Vets4Pets
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung 2022 / 5
Geschäftsbereich Tierfutter, Tierpflegeprodukte & Dienstleistungen
Philosophie The new campaign celebrates the vets, veterinary nurses and support teams that have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to care for the nation’s pets. Over the last two years the industry has faced many obstacles, from the rise in pet ownership and increased demand for veterinary care to ongoing recruitment challenges, and this is continuing to place pressure on veterinary professionals across the UK. The campaign seeks to champion everyone working within the industry by showcasing the passion, dedication and commitment that unites them. At the heart of the campaign sits an emotive, raw and engaging film, shot by Director Tom Green from Stink films. Showcasing what it truly takes to work in the veterinary industry, the film captures real operations, emotions, and interactions at Vets4Pets practices.
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