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Droga5 is an independent advertising network.
Creatively Led.
Strategically Driven.
Digitally Native.
Humanity Obsesse 

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Droga5 was founded with a simple yet ambitious mission: to help build and sustain the most influential businesses and brands of the 21st century. Our inidividual goal for every client is effectiveness, and we strive to achieve that through campaigns that influence culture. It is influence that leads to game-changing business results.


David Droga

David Droga

Creative Chairman & Founder
Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson

Global & New York CEO
Jonny Bauer

Jonny Bauer

Global Chief Strategy Officer
Ted Royer

Ted Royer

Chief Creative Officer
Marianne Stefanowicz

Marianne Stefanowicz

Global Head of PR

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120 Wall Street, 11th floor
New York New York 10005
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

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