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Über Deutsch

Deutsch LA was born in 1997 as four friends in a tiny office in Santa Monica.
Today, we've grown to more than 460 people.  Equal parts integrated advertising and digital agency, we're just as obsessed with great storytelling as we are with technology, experiential, search, and media. Internationally awarded and business results proven, we make everything from Super Bowl TV spots to large-scale dot coms to mobile applications to events, new products, media plans, and business strategies.
Despite our growth, Deutsch LA remains what it's always been - a group of hard-working, independent-minded, and passionate problem solvers who live to build brands and make businesses grow through creativity and technology. 


Stop and read, in the name of love

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day this past Sunday, the amazing people at Deutsch’s NY office came together last week under Cupid’s umbrella to strike joy and love into the hearts of New York City children in need.

Last Tuesday, Deutsch hosted its first-ever Valentine’s Day Extravaganza dedicated to gathering donations in the form of PJs and books, as well as creating handmade Valentines for the children of the Pajama Program. The Program serves children up to 12 years old, many of whom are waiting to be placed with a family, with a new pair of pajamas and great reading material to curl up with during bedtime.

The creative juices wouldn’t stop flowing—people ranging from design and editorial to finance and business affairs got down and dirty with glitter, kitten stickers, colorful paper and confetti hearts galore. As if that wasn’t enough of a treat, the Commons was splashed in bright red and pink hues, offering pink champagne and DIY candy boxes to take home. Cue the keys of love humming gently in the background, and the atmosphere couldn’t be livelier.

A round of applause goes out to all of the wonderful Deutschers who contributed. We were able to deliver 70 brand new pairs of pajamas and more than 50 books to the Pajama Program, as well as raise over $70 in donations. Looks like Cupid drew back his bow and successfully struck each and every one of you straight in the heart. You guys rock!

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