TitelBiP Pet Stickers
BriefWe designed a project to attract attention to animal shelters.Shelters are filled with stray pets waiting to be adapted by their new families. But we knew that people were more inclined to ‘buy’ pets than adapting them because special breeds.We realized that there were people considering buying because of the lack of information of the animals in the shelters.Messaging and communication platform BiP had an opportunity to inform people better and raise the awareness on the issue.In the messaging part of the BiP, most used stickers were the animal stickers. So we decided to use these in a different way. We took pictures of our little friends, which were in the shelters. We designed stickers with those pictures and added their information. In this way, users can easily get information about the pet and they can adopt them quickly.
Kampagne BiP Pet Stickers
Werbende Turkcell
Marke BiP Mobile App

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PostedFebruar 2019
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