TitelGuiding the Future of Cancer Control
Kampagne Guiding the Future of Cancer Control
Werbende National Cancer Institute (NCI)
Marke NCI

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PostedMai 2022
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Über ICF Next

ICF Next is a new breed: a consulting agency. We combine the deep creative capabilities that clients expect from a world-class agency with the expertise they require to navigate complex and business-defining milestones. Our team of mission driven strategists, marketers, technologists, and data scientists works every day to build experiences that deliver active participation from the people who most influence change for our clients. Our holistic approach to communications and marketing ensures we are moving customers and colleagues from a state of passive engagement to long-term brand loyalty, advocacy, and shared identity.
With over 1,500 employees across 15 locations in North America, Europe and India, our team brings expertise across nearly every category vertical and particularly deep experience in Consumer Goods, Energy, Financial Services, Health, the Public Sector, Retail and Travel, Tourism, Hospitality + Leisure. 
Our core services include: 
Insights to drive strategy
Through cross-cutting analytics capabilities, wide-ranging strategic expertise, data scientists, leading tools, and proprietary methods, we use data-driven insights to strategically set the correct course and in the end, create proven results.

Data + Analytics
Business + Brand Strategy
Customer Strategy
Performance Improvement
CX + Experience Mapping 

Technology to enable connections
Encouraging your audience to participate with your brand, in the right place at the right time is crucial. We ride the forefront of technology, educating and inspiring our clients to implement and manage the best platforms for their best success.

Omnichannel Experience Platforms
Experience Platform Integration + Management
Tally® - Loyalty + CRM Platform
Wireless + SMS Services
Innovation + Emerging Technology 

Creativity to architect relationships
Our unique approach to creativity builds loyal brands through breakthrough, culturally relevant storytelling. Through moments of participation and engaging people to share your brand with others, we create more meaningful and authentic relationships between brands and people.

Public Relations + Social
Advertising + Brand Creative
Media Planning + Buying
Culture + Employee Activation
Connected Experiences + Content + Events 

Efficiency to maximize impact
Building participation with your audience requires the right people, doing the right things in the right ways. It requires optimized operations and data-driven investment. When you work with us you can be certain that no effort goes to waste.

Organizational Design + Optimization
Governance + Process
Training + Development
Change Management 


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Agency Continues 2019 Winning Streak Adding Gold SABREs and Other Leading Industry Honors

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