TitelBring the Jiggle
Kampagne Power Your Holidays
Werbende Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.
Marke Ocean Spray

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) B...ey Ro....on Nur für Abonnenten
Chief Creative Officer D...d K....sz Nur für Abonnenten
Leiter Strategie L...a J....ss Nur für Abonnenten
Executive Creative Director J..m L...er Nur für Abonnenten
HOP J..n Pe.....ton Nur für Abonnenten
Creative Director H....er L....er Nur für Abonnenten
Art Director H...ey H...ll Nur für Abonnenten
Texter Ch.....ne T...e Nur für Abonnenten
Art Director D...un ..e Nur für Abonnenten
Produktionsfirma ..C Pr.....ion Nur für Abonnenten
Executive Producer D....an .. B...n Nur für Abonnenten
Executive Producer H....nd W...s Nur für Abonnenten
Executive Producer I..l Gi.....ale Nur für Abonnenten
Regisseur Nur für Abonnenten
Produzent ..x B...k Nur für Abonnenten
Redaktionsbüro A...de E..t Nur für Abonnenten
Partner / Executive Producer S..a S...r Nur für Abonnenten
Cutter J..f Fe....zo Nur für Abonnenten
Assistenzredakteur ..m B...en Nur für Abonnenten
Produzent Post-Produktion E...n L...ry Nur für Abonnenten
Flame Artist Tr....an W..e Nur für Abonnenten
Flame Assistant ..n O'....or Nur für Abonnenten
Online Producer Al.....ra L..l Nur für Abonnenten
Kolorierung T..e B...d A..., L...on Nur für Abonnenten
Executive Producer Color ..n K....er Nur für Abonnenten
Kolorist S...ne Gr.....ola Nur für Abonnenten
Audio-Postproduktion B....ng ..l Nur für Abonnenten
Executive Audio Producer A...ey B...on Nur für Abonnenten
Mixer M....la Pe....en Nur für Abonnenten

Über Orchard

At Orchard we grow brands. The work we make on behalf of brands takes seed in the minds of consumers and flowers in their hearts. We make work that sells hard but that people fall in love with. This ensures enduring affinity. 
Inc. Best In Business 2021: Prosperous and ThrivingAdAge Small Agency Awards 2021: 11-75 EmployeesCampaign US Agency of The Year: 2020. Independent AgenciesCampaign Global Agency of The Year: 2020. Independent Agencies 
“Before DE&I became the center of discussion in 2020, Orchard was born in 2019 with diversity at the center of its mission. The agency vowed that all female employees would be paid the same as their male counterparts, and it would actively grow the pool of BIPOC candidates in advertising. While pursuing its social mission, Orchard has also produced excellent work including Super Bowl ads for Oikos Triple Zero and Dashlane. The small agency produced four more campaigns during COVID-19, including one for Silk Soy with Michael Phelps. The firm saw year-over-year growth of 132%, adding up to an impressive debut.” - Campaign Agency of the Year Awards, Feb 18, 2021.


Lightning Orchard revenue more than doubled during the pandemic

The shop says it's tired of hearing excuses for the lack of diversity in the advertising industry.

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