TitelMiley in Layers
Kampagne Miley in Layers
Werbende Unilever
Marke Magnum

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Über LOLA MullenLowe


Magnum find glimmers of sunshine in winter



Ice cream is seasonal, and in winter people often deny themselves the pleasure of Magnum in the months when they also miss out on other joys, like basking in the sun. This initiative aims to shift that perception, highlighting that moments of summer can still be found, even in winter.

LOLA MullenLowe addresses this shift with 'Find Your Summer.' The portrayal captures individuals relishing a Magnum in the small, narrow, and fleeting moments of sunshine during winter. A film directed by Juan Cabral of MJZ Films, shot in black and white, beautifully captures these tiny moments. Ale Burset complements this with a print and outdoor campaign.

“Find Your Summer” will air in the UK and Turkey during the cold winter month of February. In the UK, there will be an out-of-home (OOH) focus in Glasgow, with digital posters identifying specific locations from weather data where moments of summer can be found. People can also find their own summer spots in real time, no matter where they are, at www.findyoursummer.app.

Additionally, the initiative is supported on social media with a link to the Magnum e-commerce platform, so people are reminded to enjoy a Magnum making their own moment of summer. "We are very grateful for this unique opportunity to challenge all norms by selling ice cream in winter. To shoot food in black and white and to have a city as the main character of the film. You know you are onto a very good thing when the positioning is so clear that the brand is not afraid to reinvent itself." said Tomás Ostiglia, ECD at Lola MullenLowe.

Ben Curtis, Global Brand VP - Magnum & Category Lead - Luxury Ice Cream at Unilever added: ¨We all love that warm feeling you get when the sun shines during the depths of winter, it’s a pleasure that I feel viscerally whenever it happens. It’s the same when you bite into a Magnum, our signature cracking chocolate and velvety smooth Madagascan vanilla ice cream can transport to the pleasure of summer. We really wanted to play with this insight in this campaign. My favourite part is that we’ve been able to geo-locate specific locations where pleasure seekers can find their summer, we’ve placed the OOH to pinpoint where, so consumers can literally find their summer and enjoy a Magnum¨. 

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