TitelSix Nations (Hero Film)
Kampagne Le Grand Vol
Werbende Vueling
Marke Vueling

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Global Account Director So....es J...r .e C...s Nur für Abonnenten
General Director G...a Gu.....rez Nur für Abonnenten
Etatdirektor A..a G....to Nur für Abonnenten
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Texter M....ew M....ty Nur für Abonnenten
Texter N...na S...no Nur für Abonnenten
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Content Manager A..a Co.....la Nur für Abonnenten
Content Strategy M...a C...a Nur für Abonnenten
Content Manager L....na L....si Nur für Abonnenten
Executive Producer J..n ..n R...n Nur für Abonnenten
Content Supervisor L...�a Bo.....la Nur für Abonnenten
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Stimme S�.....ien C...al Nur für Abonnenten

Über Ogilvy Spain

OgilvyOne Worldwide is The Customer Agency for the Connected World. It makes brands more valuable to customers and customers more valuable to brands by combining data and creativity to unlock Total Customer Value.
With more than 5,500 employees in 112 offices in 40 countries, OgilvyOne leverages ideas, knowledge, data, content and technology to deliver Customer Engagement solutions that help clients grow their businesses and strengthen relationships with their customers. 


Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles launches “The movement that unites us”, the campaign for ID.Buzz at the rhythm of Macaco


Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles presents its new campaign “The movement that unites us”, which shows the renewed concept of the ID.Buzz model. The campaign designed by Ogilvy Barcelona features the popular song “Moving” by Spanish artist Macaco as its soundtrack.

The campaign highlights the versatility of the vehicle and how it can adapt to different lifestyles and urban mobility needs.

Luis Garcia de Oro, Creative Director of Ogilvy Barcelona, assures that "The message conveyed in the song 'Moving' fits perfectly with the spirit of ID. Buzz. It talks about a lifestyle that respects the planet and oneself, that is faithful to its origins while, at the same time, moves towards the future. This was the moment when we realised that 'Moving' had to be the song for the ID.Buzz, it couldn't be any other than Macaco."

“The movement that unites us”, Volkswagen's new claim

The brand has launched a new claim under the name “The movement that unites us”, for the new communication platform of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles that was born with the intention to continue to expand a community called ‘The Originals’, where all owners of a Volkswagen van come together. A movement capable of uniting all the owners of the brand, whether they are delivery drivers, surfers, families, adventurers, or self-employed people.

With the collaboration of Ogilvy Barcelona, in “The movement that unites us” the brand is driven from the past, with its iconic VW Bus or Transporter, to move towards the future. The world moves, and with it so do people's motivations and needs. We are moved by the same lifestyle, we are moved by the desire to explore... And in this movement, the brand highlights that we are never alone, because the community is a fundamental part of the movement that unites us.

That is why companionship continues to be so important in ‘The Originals’ community.

Alex García, Marketing Director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Spain, assures that “sometimes the best way to be faithful to your origins is to move forward, towards the future. For us this is what “The movement that unites us” represents, which was born to continue promoting our community ‘The Originals’. This community is not only the meeting point for the owners of our vehicles and the brand, but it allows us to offer exclusive advantages and benefits, such as discounts on the best outdoor brands that have decided to join us as partners, enjoy unique experiences with our ambassadors, sharing special moments with other members of the community... Since ‘The Originals’ was born it has become something very special, and we want to continue growing to reinforce that special character of belonging that unites all Volkswagen van owners.” 

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