Lori Martin, INNOCEAN USA: "Hire, promote, motivate and continually reassess your teams."

Resilience and authenticity are key factors in bringing teams together

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Lori Martin
Vice President, Group Creative Director Innocean

Vice President and Group Creative Director of INNOCEAN USA, Lori Martin, has been bridging traditional and digital platforms for years, crafting holistic 360 campaigns in major tentpole moments like the Super Bowl as well as niche social-first concepts. Her passion for solving problems, bringing disparate teams together, and finding through lines where none seem to exist promotes a willingness to learn amongst her teams. We had the chance to chat with Lori about being a role model for young women hoping to get a seat at the table.


In what ways can women in advertising pave the way for or support younger women hoping to break into advertising? 

I think women need to be accessible to other women, and if you’re in a role with any kind of presence, keep in mind that you are being seen. I had female colleagues I looked up to and watched them like a hawk for how they handled office politics, other women, clients and assignments. The ones who welcomed me and made me feel like I belonged were the biggest influence for me. I try to remember that when I run into challenges myself — that I’m being observed. I want to be real and honest but also resilient so that I show other women that you don’t have to be perfect, but you have to be committed to succeed, humble to accept when you make a mistake, and maintain your integrity when faced with conflicts. 


How can we close the gap created by ageism, especially among women, in the industry?

Hire, promote, motivate and continually reassess your teams. I am painfully aware that there is a sense of “aging out” of advertising, and the only way to combat that is to make sure you’re blending teams. Embrace inexperience and temper it with veterans and mid-level and track your team’s progress. As long as everyone is open minded and invites curiosity and a willingness to learn, age shouldn’t matter. 


How does your experience as a woman in marketing inform your work?

I’ve been the “only” woman in my role, so I’ve felt pressure to fit in, stand out, belong, and find my own way. I think that informs my work by forcing me to pick up a problem and evaluate it from ALL sides and multiple perspectives. Sometimes that may feel like it slows me down, but more times than not it lets me reach beyond an obvious solution to find unique insights.


Gen Z is a generation of digital pioneers and has shifted the framework of many industries. How have this new generation of young women impacted the advertising industry and where do you anticipate they will improve the workplace going forward?

I see more confident women who don’t even think twice about whether they “belong” in the room. Like, it doesn’t even occur to them that they don’t have a seat at the table. I hope that becomes commonplace for not only women, but anyone who shows up with a perspective, passion, and contribution to the work.