Global Design Agency Turner Duckworth Wins D&AD Award

Partnership with MillerCoors Earns Design Agency “Client Collaboration” Pencil

Turner Duckworth, the global design agency located in the U.S. and the U.K., has been awarded the D&AD Design Agency Client Collaboration Pencil for its partnership with MillerCoors to reimagine the Miller Lite brand’s visual identity.


Turner Duckworth and MillerCoors joined forces in 2014 to recraft the Miller Lite brand’s assets while still retaining the beverage company’s core aesthetics. The design agency brought a unique perspective to the brand and expanded its library of elements to further cement Miller Lite’s position as the third biggest beer brand in the U.S. 


The reenvisioning of the brand identity includes fun and fresh core packaging, merchandise and limited edition branding and design. Miller Lite wanted its original design brought back to life in a way that aligned with today’s contemporary marketing environment. The goal was to build brand awareness and relevancy through recrafting iconic assets and utilizing them in creative ways. 


“We are delighted to have received this prestigious award from D&AD and are proud to work with a client who believes our design is helping the brand sustain its success,” said Bruce Duckworth, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of Turner Duckworth.


The Design Agency Client Collaboration pencil recognizes design, advertising and production agencies and studios for their long-lasting relationships with their clients. Turner Duckworth and MillerCoors’ partnership for the Miller Lite brand has seen a vast 5% year-over-year decline halted, shift in consumer perception and creative success with more than 25 awards. 

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