Tiago Varandas
Digitalkünstler at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Niederlande
Kampagne Go Forth
Werbende Levi Strauss & Co.
Marke Levi's
PostedJuli 2011
Geschäftsbereich Kleidung
Philosophie As part of the launch of its global creative platform ‘Go Forth,’ the Levi’s® brand has teamed up with some of Berlin’s modern day pioneers who serve as an inspiration for the city and embody the ‘Go Forth’ spirit. ‘Go Forth’ pays homage to the pioneering spirit of the Levi’s® brand and acts as a rally cry for today’s youth to join in the quest for a new and better world. To commemorate the pioneering spirit of these Berlin-based pioneers, the Levi’s® brand has teamed up with the young Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto, aka Vhils, to create a series of street murals that capture the faces of these pioneers in a dramatic and poetic way.
Vhils creates striking multi-textural murals through a combination of careful paint application and by peeling away the top layer of the materials he is working on. Using this unique technique, Vhils has sculpted the portraits of pioneers Fadi Saad, Various & Gould, Joe Hatchiban and Sven Marquardt into major building facades dotted throughout Berlin.

Joe Hatchiban – founder of Berlin’s Bearpit Karaoke and leader of Berlin’s karaoke revolution

Sven Marquardt – a photographer known for his bold black and white photographs depicting fashion, music and the cultural landscape of Berlin

Fadi Saad - community organizer with Palestinian roots who turned his own life around and is now working with immigrant teens to help them acclimate to German society

The artist behind Various & Gould – the founder of a pioneering new project that brings street art to the masses

Medientyp Fernsehen & Kino
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Marketer (Management)
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Executive Creative Director
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