TitelVirgin Games - Live a Little
Kampagne Live a Little
Werbende Virgin Games
Marke Virgin Games
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Story On Boxing Day 2016, VCCP unveiled its new campaign for Virgin Games: ‘Live a Little’. The campaign is centred around an unlikely hero – Vlad the Vampire, a modern day vampire bored of the tedium of eternal life.
After spending five centuries searching for something to finally make him feel alive, the loveable Vlad who flashes cheeky fanged smiles, finally discovers Virgin Games and the thrill of the roulette wheel, allowing him to re-embrace life and ‘live a little’.
The campaign, the first from VCCP since it won the account earlier in 2016, breaks away from category norms and brings the Virgin swagger to online casino. It’s also Gamesys’ biggest launch to date and can be seen throughout the UK on TV, in press, OOH, digital and social. 
Medientyp Fernsehen & Kino

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