Av. Eliodoro Yañez 2466 Providencia
Telefon: (+56) .2.434.2500

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Holding: The Interpublic Group of Companies (New York, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)

Momentum Worldwide

Av. Eliodoro Yañez 2466 Providencia
Telefon: (+56) .2.434.2500

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It’s what a brand does and not what a brand says that matters. The experiences you have help decide what a brand means to you—emotionally, socially and when it's time to buy. Experience creates real connections that lead to loyalty, advocacy and sales. So Momentum imagines and creates what we call the total brand experience. We connect brands and people in authentic ways that give real value to both. For people, that means memorable, valuable experiences—after which they love the brand for who it is and what it does. For brands, that means loyalty, sales, conversion, share and more. 

We do this with expertise in business and communications strategy, idea and content creation, and flawless execution across every possible touch point—including events, sponsorships, promotions, advertising, shopper and retail, music, entertainment, social, digital, product and package design and beyond. 

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Part of the Interpublic Group of Companies (NYSE:IPG), we operate in over 30 countries for partners including American Express, Coca-Cola, Mondelez, Microsoft, Walmart, William Grant & Sons and many more. 

In 2011, we created Momentum Entertainment Group (MEG), the entertainment unit of Momentum Worldwide, to forge extensive ties with Hollywood creative communities and become the driving force behind high quality content and productions – aligning talent, brands and ideas with distributors to create world-class entertainment properties. MEG hit the ground running with projects in production and development across scripted, drama and comedy as well as digital content and alternative programming. MEG currently has offices in Hollywood, New York, New Orleans and London.

In August 2012, Momentum acquired design consultancy ChaseDesign and their subsidiary 10Red Design. ChaseDesign is one of the original design consulting firms in the U.S., with a 54-year legacy of providing specialized design services to an elite core of Fortune 100 clients. With this partnership, Momentum created a world-class, comprehensive shopper marketing offering – with global resources and talent encompassing shopper research, behavior-based retailing technology and e-commerce across out-of-store, in-store and point-of-purchase – poised to lead in the booming shopper marketing sector.

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