180 Street Number 40, Tan Phong Ward, District 7,
Telefon: (+84) -8-3775 4794



Holding: The Interpublic Group of Companies (New York, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)

Awards: 7

Happiness / An FCB alliance

180 Street Number 40, Tan Phong Ward, District 7,
Telefon: (+84) -8-3775 4794

Über Happiness / An FCB alliance

Happiness Saigon is a new communication agency with the vision that nowadays Everything is Media and even more Everyone is Media.

We walk the talk.
With a structure of 27 people from different nationalities and complimentary skills needed to implement this vision and with solid "creative management" making sure that there is no strategy for the sake of strategy, or creativity for the sake of creativity.

When East meets West you have the best of both worlds.
At Happiness Saigon we combine local intelligence with global experience leading to ideas that are not only ground breaking, but right for your brand and business.

All this to lead the industry, by leading the way.

At Happiness Saigon we do everything to make people happy.
Because happy people make great work and great work is what makes people happy.

Happiness Saigon is founded by the people behind the success of the renowned Happiness Brussels agency. 


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Philosophie & Wettbewerbsvorteile

The more content, the more curation and canalization is needed. At Happiness, we don’t believe in creativity for the sake of creativity. Neither in strategy for the sake of strategy. More than ever, all messages will clearly have to come from the same brand, with the same voice. To achieve this, we put an experienced “Creative Management” at the center of our processes, consisting of the Creative Director and the Strategic Director, making the bridge between the commercial and creative thinkers. They both are responsible for the creative product presented to you. This internal filter will help your brand move faster and better. 


FCB is filled with a diverse and passionate group of thinkers, creators, technologists and storytellers devoted to creating buzzworthy ideas that change consumer behavior. The global, fully integrated marketing communications agency celebrates local culture, flavor and expertise market-by-market. With over 140 years of communications expertise, FCB’s worldwide network spans 150 offices in 90 countries, with 8,000+ professionals. At FCB, we work with a wide variety of clients including Levi’s, Dow, HP and NIVEA. 

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