Avonmore Road Warwick Building
London Kensington Villa W14 8HQ
Telefon: (+44) 020 7751 1800



Awards: 99

Kunden: 50

Leo Burnett EMEA

Avonmore Road Warwick Building
London Kensington Villa W14 8HQ
Telefon: (+44) 020 7751 1800

Andreas Cordt

Client Services & New Business Director, Frankfurt

Telefon: (+44) 069 78 07 72 87

Paul Eichelman

SVP, US Finance Director

Telefon: (+44) 312 220 1084

Laura Gutierrez

New Business Manager / Madrid

Telefon: (+44) 91 590 50 00

Bruce Haines

Group Chief Executive Officer, LB London

Telefon: (+44) 020 7071 1306

Nicola Novellone

Chief Executive Officer, LB Rome

Daniele Pecerrillo

Account Director, New Business Director, LB Rome

Telefon: (+44) 06 68 43 25 46

Valérie Planchez

Valérie Planchez

Deputy Managing Director / LB Paris

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Philosophie & Wettbewerbsvorteile
Leo Burnett has a unique culture built around the values and inspiration of our founder. Our vision: "We create ideas that inspire enduring belief". Belief is what builds brands. Loyalty can no longer be defined as just purchase behaviour. Weak brands have buyers, strong brands have believers. The Brand Belief System is our proprietary process and common global language for creating wealth for our clients. Superior idea creation led to Leo Burnett becoming the most creatively awarded network in 2001. Industry leading client and key-employee retention attest to our ability to deliver value consistently over time. Having wholly-owned offices mean that we function as a real network. Leo Burnett Europe comprises 56 full service offices across Europe, Middle East and Africa. We are part of the 98 office Leo Burnett Worldwide Company that from August 2002 becomes part of the new Publicis Groupe.
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