3 Bankside, 90 Southwark Street
London SE1 0SW
Telefon: (+44) (0) 203 787 7100

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Hauptkompetenzen: Digital

Gegründet in: 2000


Mitarbeiter: 250

Awards: 124

Kreative Projekte: 53

Kunden: 25

Proximity London

3 Bankside, 90 Southwark Street
London SE1 0SW
Telefon: (+44) (0) 203 787 7100
Andrew Waddell

Andrew Waddell

Managing Partner

Telefon: (+44) (0) 203 787 7196

Evelyne Bourdonné

Evelyne Bourdonné

Planning Director - New Business

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über die Agentur Proximity London

We’re an all-round creative agency always coming up with big ideas for beautifully effective campaigns across every channel from direct to digital, social to mobile.

We’re well established and successful, just like our clients. They trust us and we are proud of our long term relationships. Volkswagen, for example, has been with us over 20 years. We embrace the massive responsibility of a database covering 20 million homes for TV Licensing. Lloyds, John Lewis, Bacardi, and The Economist look to us to deliver real business value across direct and digital channels. Our charities choose us for our specialist expertise in this behaviourally complex sector.

We’re part of a global network of 67 offices and over 2,500 people. But we grew big by keeping it small. After all, our business is building 1 to 1 customer relationships. Maybe that’s why our clients say we provide ‘personable, small-agency style service,’ backed, of course, by enviable resources. We are also proud to be part of BBDO Worldwide, which has been ranked the global network of the year, every year, since 2006. 


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Proximity Worldwide is the most awarded digital, direct and CRM global network. A netowrk with 67 offices, in 50+ countries and over 2,500 staff. 

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