Jordan Beck

Jordan Beck

Head of Development at Hero4Hire Creative
Waltham, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika


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Head of Development
Jordan Beck is a production executive, filmmaker, and performer with over 15 years of experience in feature films, animation, documentaries, IP development, and live entertainment.
In 2018, he produced, co-directed, and co-starred alongside Logan Lerman and Helena Bonham Carter in the award-winning CG feature Sgt. Stubby, while also serving as a start-up executive for the film's distributor, Fun Academy. The film was released wide theatrically and acquired by Paramount Pictures and HBO Max.
In a past life, Jordan was the entertainment and creative director for the THEA Award-winning National Infantry Museum. He is originally from Oakland, CA but raised in rural Georgia by a pack of feral artists before embarking on his early career as an independent musician and gentleman adventurer. 

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