Tim White

Tim White

Voice and Audio Director, Musician, Composer at Circonflex Toronto
Toronto, Kanada


I grew up in Toronto in a musical family. My father taught singing and led several choirs. My aunt is Portia White, the famous opera singer. I started on piano at age 10, then bass guitar at age 14. I immediately got into a bunch of bands (‘cause everyone needs a bass player). I attended Berklee College of Music in Boston for a couple of years, practicing bass non-stop.

At age 25, I was signed to Universal Music (MCA Records at the time) with my band The Headstones. We toured. And toured. And toured some more. We made a bunch of albums, several of which achieved gold and platinum cerification, and enjoyed being rock stars.

We disbanded in 2002 due to, well, let’s call it over-indulgence.
I continued as a professional musician, and started composing, at first for tv spots, and later for long-format. I took on the challenge of scoring anything that came up. As a result, I developed a broad musical taste which continues to expand.

I started voice acting around that time, becoming the "voice of" Advil, Toyota, Nissan, Purolator, and many more.

I got into directing when the voice director didn’t show up. The producer turned to me and said "You can do this, right?"
It was incredibly nerve-wracking, directing for the first time in front of a roomful of agency creatives and clients.
I guess I did alright since they asked me back the following week.
I've been directing ever since, voice, audio, usually both at the same time.

In 2021 I was hired by Circonflex Toronto, working on national and international campaigns.
Client list on request.

Thank you for your consideration,



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