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New York, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
TitelFlying Blue
Kampagne Flying Blue
Werbende Flying Blue
Marke Flying Blue
PostedJuli 2017
Geschäftsbereich Transport, Reise & Tourismus
Story We had to find the one person who could become the new Mr. Miles. The suave ambassador of Air France and KLM’s loyalty program was keen to take a year off. We needed to find an equally worldly millennial keen to take his place - and his Platinum Card. So we knew we had to create a smart experience that would appeal to a generation of digital natives. A simple competition mechanic would likely generate minimal brand engagement. We had to create a richer experience. So we built a chatbot. It meant Flying Blue members could meet and talk to Mr. Miles and answer his questions in real-time. And he could see who was truly qualified to be his successor. The chatbot featured advanced text and image recognition, to create the most natural conversation. We drew on the well-traveled Mr. Miles to create a character combining British humor, German accuracy and Gallic charm. 105,000 people spent an average of 11 minutes talking with Mr. Miles. He even got a marriage proposal! A much deeper engagement than any regular competition entry.
Medientyp Case Study

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