Gurdeep Puri

Gurdeep Puri

Founding Partner at The Effectiveness Partnership
London, Großbritannien


Before starting up The Effectiveness Partnership, Gurdeep and his co-founder Janey Bullivant both worked at Leo Burnett, where Janey was a Planning Director and Gurdeep was Head of Effectiveness. One of his primary responsibilities was to help embed effectiveness into the culture of the agency. He has worked across Leo Burnett’s businesses including Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble, McDonald’s, Fiat, Heinz, Morgan Stanley, John West, Holiday Inn, Nintendo, Barclays and the COI.

He has personally won 5 IPA Effectiveness Awards (including double Gold in 2006), and 11 European Effectiveness Awards, including 3 Golds. The Effectiveness Partnership has helped its clients win over 25 Effectiveness Awards globally. He has worked with industry pioneers such as the late Dr. Simon Broadbent, and is a former member of the IPA Value of Advertising Group and IPA ROMI committee. He also runs workshops at the IPA, APG and the EACA on Effectiveness Strategy and Econometrics. He was part of the pioneering IPA Data Bank analytics group and was also involved in leading the IPA VAG Industry Effectiveness research project. Gurdeep is an international speaker on the topics of Communications Effectiveness and has represented the UK and European industry at conferences globally.

Gurdeep is a qualified econometrician and previous to his career in marketing he worked in research and the financial markets.


Founding Partner
The Effectiveness Partnership
2008 - Derzeit hier (14 Jahre 8 Monate)

The Effectiveness Partnership is a new strategic consultancy. We specialise in helping marketers and communications agencies understand and maximise the value of creativity.

We believe the best way to understand the value of creativity is to put effectiveness at the heart of everything you do.
Effectiveness is often overlooked in the development of communications, which makes it much harder to link communications activity to results. We believe firmly in putting effectiveness at the heart of the strategic planning process. Not only does this make evaluation more achievable, but most importantly, it facilitates the development of more focused, effective creativity - creative work which answers real business problems.

We work collaboratively with our clients to build their skills in effectiveness. We have a portfolio of services which range from one off evaluation projects to bespoke programmes to integrate effectiveness into the culture of the organisation.

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